Who can apply?

All foreign nationals who are at least 18 years old and shall take up a course of study higher than high school at a University, seminary or college

Where to apply?

BI Main Office

Other Immigration Offices (Click here to see the list of offices authorized to process this transaction)

What to bring?

1. Checklist with complete documentary requirements

2. Application Form

3. Additional Information on Applicant's children  (if needed)

How to apply?

  1. Secure the CGAF from either at the Public Information and Assistance Unit (PIAU) at BI G/F Main Office or from the official BI Website.

  2. Submit the documents for pre-screening to the Central Receiving Unit (CRU) or to the frontline officer or staff of other Immigration Offices able to process this transaction.

  3. Pay the required fees.

  4. Submit copy of Official Receipt.

  5. Proceed to Image and Fingerprint Capturing Counter of the Alien Registration Division (ARD) and submit requirements for ACR I-Card application

  6. Check website if visa application is already approved.

  7. If approved, submit passport for visa implementation.

  8. If ACR I-Card is approved, claim ACR I-Card.

How much does it cost?



Application Fee

PHP 2, 000. 00

Implementation Fee

1, 000. 00

Service Fee

1, 000. 00

Certificate Fee

500. 00

Visa Fee

1, 000. 00


1, 400. 00

Legal Research Fee (LRF) for each immigration fee except Head Tax and Fines

70. 00

Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

1, 000. 00

Head Tax

250. 00

Express Fee (Certification)

500. 00

Express Fee (Filing)

500. 00

Express Fee (I-Card Processing)

500. 00


PHP 9, 720. 00

Additional I-Card Fee (based on current exchange rate)

$ 50. 00

*Fees are updated as of 06 March 2014 and may change without prior notice.


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