Who can apply?

Citizens of countries allowed to enter the Philippines without an entry visa pursuant to existing Foreign Service Circulars (FSCs) issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) are eligible to enroll and participate in the Program provided:

a. He/She must have traveled to the Philippines as a temporary visitor at least once in the immediately preceding twelve (12) months and have stayed in the country for not more than thirty (30) calendar days in each of the visit(s);

b. He/She must not have been convicted or charged of any crime, felony or offense in his country of nationality; and

c. He/She has no recorded violation of Philippine immigration laws, rules and regulations.

Where to apply?

BI Main Office

What to bring?

1. Checklist with complete documentary requirements

2. Application Form

How to apply?

1. Each applicant shall personally fill-out and file an application form and pay the fees.

2. Upon filing of the application, the Central Receiving Unit (CRU) shall inform the applicant of his/her scheduled interview by a BI Officer duly designated for the purpose which shall not be later than three (3) days from the filing thereof.

3. The CRU shall forward the application folder to the Intelligence Division who shall conduct a thorough background investigation on the applicant and shall submit its findings to the BI Officer at least one (1) day prior to the scheduled interview.

4. Immediately after the interview, the applicant’s biometric data/information shall be captured by the Intelligence Division.

5. The BI Officer shall submit his recommendation on the application to the Commissioner within twenty-four (24) hours from completion of the interview.

6. In all cases, the BI Officer shall immediately notify the applicant of the final action by the Commissioner on his/her application. In case of approval, the AOD and ICTS shall include the applicant’s name and other information details in the Masterlist of Members of the Program.

How much does it cost?

Application Fee

PHP 5,000.00

Certification Fee


Legal Research Fee


Express Lane Fee



PHP 7,050.00

  *Fees are updated as of 06 March 2014 and may change without prior notice.
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