BI BAC Resolution No. AFA-2019-001. click here
2019 August 06



2016-1221 Small Value Procurement - Floor Mount 3 Toner Air-Conditioning Unit
2016-1220 Small Value Procurement - Biometric Time Attendance System
2016-1220 Small Value Procurement - Two Way Radio
2016-1219 Small Value Procurement - Smart TV 55"
2016-1229 Procurement of Supply and Delivery of One Various Generator Sets
2016-1125 Annual Procurement Plan Year List and BAC Resolution
2016-1025 Sanitation, Maintenance and Janitorial Work and Services
2016-1025 Supply, Delivery and Installation of twenty (20) units Digital Copier
2016-009 Procurement of Thirteen Units Brand New Commuter Van
2016-008 Approval of the amendment to the 2016 Annual Procurement Plan
2014-004 Award for the sale of six units Junk Motor Vehicles



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