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  1. When is a student visa necessary?

A Student Visa is necessary if a foreign national, 18 years old and above, intends to take up a course higher than high school in the Philippines. Furthermore, he/she has to have sufficient means of support for education in the Philippines.


  1. Can you enroll in any school in the Philippines and then apply for a Student Visa?

Only selected schools accredited by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) may accept and enroll foreign students. Only then may the foreign student apply for a Student Visa.


  1. What is the difference between Student Visa and a Special Study Permit? When is one required?

A Student Visa is issued to foreign students 18 years old and above and is taking a course higher than high school. A Special Study Permit (SSP) is issued to a foreign national below the age of 18 and/or taking non-degree courses in the Philippines. A SSP is a PERMIT, not a visa. It is issued under the Temporary Visitor’s Visa of a foreign national.


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