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  1. Who should apply for an Emigration Clearance Certificate?

ECC has two (2) types, ECC –A (also referred to as regular ECC and ECC-B.

The following foreign nationals must secure an ECC-A prior to their departure:

    1. Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more;
    2. Holders of expired or downgraded Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas;
    3. Holders of valid Immigrant or Non-Immigrant Visas but are leaving for good;
    4. Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;
    5. Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa with Orders to Leave;
    6. Bona fide seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more and has a duly approved discharge from BI.

ECC-B is issued to departing holders of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas with valid ACR I-Cards and are leaving the country temporarily. 


  1. When should I apply for an ECC?

    A foreign national may apply for an ECC at least 72 hours prior to his/her departure from the Philippines.


  1. Does the ECC have validity? Will I be able to use this multiple times?

The ECC is valid for one (1) month from the date of issue, however, you may only use this once regardless of its validity.






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