Immigration Regulation Division Checklist
BI Form No.  Title 
IRD01.QF.001 Downgrading of Visa
IRD01.QF.002 Application for Transfer of Admission Status 
IRD01.QF.003 Amendment / Correction of Admission 
IRD01.QF.004 Failed to Stamp (no Arrival / Departure Stamp) but encoded
IRD01.QF.005 Failed to Check (no Arrival / Departure Stamp) not encoded
IRD01.QF.008 Failed to Encode (with Arrival / Departure Stamp) not encoded
IRD01.QF.009 Application for Conversion to 9(E) Visa (Official of a Foreign Government)
IRD01.QF.010 Application for Annotation as a Dependent of a Foreign Government Official


Other Checklist
BI Form No. Title
2014-01-003 Waiver of Exclusion Grounds (WEG)
2014-03-008 Re-Stamping of Visa (for Grantees under Alien Social Integration Act R.A. 7919)

Re-Stamping of Visa

2014-04-002 Revalidation
2014-12-018 Interim Extension (Grace Period)
NI-020 Downgrading of Student Visa


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